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zainal tidak menyalahkan anak gadisnya itu, kerana dia telah tinggal bersama ibunya, seorang mualaf.

Anak gadis Zainal Abidin bernama Timur baru-baru ini menjadi tumpuan ramai.

Lihat gambar terkini anak gadis Zainal ini DI SINI.

Cara kehidupan Timur yang dikatakan agak kebaratan yang diamalkannya menjadi buah mulut orang ramai.

Bapanya juga telah tampil memberi komen dan menyatakan dia tidak menyalahkan anak gadisnya itu, kerana dia telah tinggal bersama ibunya, seorang mualaf.

Ternyata, kenyataan Zainal Abidin itu membuatkan Timur memberi respon.

Baca respon dari Timur DI SINI.

Kemudian, sekali lagi Timur memberi respon dan memberi beberapa nasihat.

Jom baca respon terbaru dari Timur ini:

Dear friends and followers,

I did not expect to receive such a response from you and am so very thankful for your support. However, there is one thing I'd like to clarify; I did not make my previous post to attack my father.

I only felt that his interview was highly offensive towards myself and my mother and I wrote the post as gracefully and respectfully as I could in our defense. For those who accused me of being impulsive and presumptuous - I asked my father why he did that interview before I made the post. But I was ignored and left without an explanation which is why I took it upon myself to clarify the situation.

As supportive and defensive as you have been of me, I'd like to remind you - just because someone is unkind to you, doesn't mean that you should be unkind to them. It doesn't matter how my father treats me or my family because his sins are not our sins. Be thankful instead that he is good to his new family because from what I see, they are quite happy. He was absent throughout most of my upbringing - but that does not mean that I am not happy for his wife and his children for the life that they have now.

Parents, please be good to your children. They look up to you and look to you for guidance. Be the best example you can be and love them as God loves you. And children - whether you're Muslim, Christian, Jew or non-believers. Be kind to your parents. As difficult as it may be sometimes, always bear in mind that parents are humans too and they are certainly capable of making mistakes. But when you become adults, learn to recognize the difference between a mistake and a "mistake". Look to them as a reference point to independently differentiate what's good and bad, then aim towards becoming the best person you can possibly be.

And for those who are looking for success and fame - grind for the gold. Work hard and work smart for what you want in life, but please do not use and humiliate others for your own benefit. To all my friends and followers, no matter your race, religion or gender; please respect one another. Be graceful when you defend your pride, and be graceful when you defend each other. Thank you

Itulah kenyataan terbaru dari Timur.

Sumber "I was ignored and left without an explanation.." - Respon Terbaru Dari Anak Gadis Zainal Abidin

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